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Category Archives: art

oil  on sack and canvas305 Woman in a garden


oil on sac & carton on chipboard
11 Figure of a woman 130 x 97

Woman in a striped skirtoil on primed canvas

Ochre head

collage: oil on sack & unprimed canvas

collage: oil on sack & unprimed canvas112 Louise Webber

Collage: oil on sack & unprimed canvas

Oil on sack & unprimed canvas 


Horse. M.Gueffen Bronze

Woman with a  Brown Coat 146cm x 114cmGueffen

Gueffen is an artist true to his path. This is a painting from 2000 – oil on canvas. A typical composition of the artist. A woman being the pretext for the painting, but the work is not about a woman, it is about form, about the relationship between form and space.