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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Woman with a  Brown Coat 146cm x 114cmGueffen

Gueffen is an artist true to his path. This is a painting from 2000 – oil on canvas. A typical composition of the artist. A woman being the pretext for the painting, but the work is not about a woman, it is about form, about the relationship between form and space. 


Girl in a Blue Dress

Collage: oil & sack on raw canvasA Nude

Nude lying on the grassHaving

Dialogue with Rembrandt’s Night Watch, was a special project born of a particular relationship with a particular painting by Rembrandt, shown in part on the blog. Here now are some works which are typical of Gueffen’s universe: abstract, figurative forms.  This collage work is the most recent expression of that form, using oil and sack on raw canvas, which unite to create the distinctive strength of composition of these works.